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I strive to create a comfortable environment in which my clients can feel at ease. There are several ways of working with me, including virtual and in-person options. Take a look at the services I provide, and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Individual therapy is an opportunity to focus on personal issues and concerns in a safe, private and compassionate setting.  Therapy is a collaborative and supportive opportunity to evaluate the influence of significant life events, relationships, and circumstances. Therapists create a customized approach for your unique personality, personal history, needs, and therapeutic goals.   This process empowers us to reconnect with our inherent value and wisdom to live a more purposeful, mindful, and balanced life.  I provide individual therapy to adults and adolescents.

Couples Counseling

Couples/Marriage Therapy can help couples address strained connections by exploring roles within their relationship, improving communication; clarifying needs and wants; and developing conflict resolution skills. This process can help to reduce tension, increase closeness and improve overall relationship satisfaction. I have completed Gottman Method Couples Therapy level one training, and have found it to be an effective way of helping couples create change and growth in their marriage.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an integrated treatment, meaning that it works with memories, beliefs, emotions, and body sensations to desensitize and reprocess unprocessed material that remains locked in the self, activating with current-day triggers. I am EMDR trained. Learn more about EMDR here


Coaching is recommended for those looking for less intensive guidance in enhancing their personal performance. As with therapy, coaching is a collaborative process that takes place in the mind of the client under the direction of a coach or guide. Coaching by a trained psychotherapist holds many benefits. A coach with a solid background in psychology as well as a keen understanding of human behaviorism is a powerful ally in developing a sound strategy to achieving personal excellence.

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